News & Time Line

March 29 - March31 2019  We exhibited at the Midwest Rep Rap Festival in Indania.


November, 5 2018  We're Proud to announce the Future home of   Ninja-Robot in Sinking Spring PA. We still have a lot of work todo, but we're on our way.

September 22nd - 23rd we exhibited at World Maker Faire New York. 

June 23th - 24th 2018 We participated in the 1st ANNUAL East Coast RepRap Festival. 


May 18th - 20th 2018 We participated in the 13TH ANNUAL Bay Area Maker Faire.

March 31st 2018 : Installed aluminum main bed. With 54 M6 mounting holes for vices or fixtures, and provisions for magnetic heated build plate.

March 6th 2018 : Finished and tested direct drive extruder head.

March 4th 2018 : Began construction of ver 2.1 X Axis

February 4th 2018 : Pocket Mill test was successful at .080" depth of cut and .01 step over 

January 28th 2018 : 3D Contour cuts in Aluminum. 

January 27th 2018 : Made first light cuts in Aluminum 

January 23rd 2018 : First 3D contour cuts in wood made.


January 20th 2018 : 3D Prints are now regularly successful.

November 11th 2017 : Added and configured software based "bed leveling" (Auto Tramming)

September 23rd - 24th 2017 : Participated World Maker Faire NYC. First time filament was feed though the hotend. 

September 22nd 2017 : Wired machine.

September 21th 2017 : Completed Bowden 3D printer hotend head.

September 16th 2017 : Installed display mount and test fit new router head.

September 4th 2017 : Assembled frame and physical structure of version 2.0 

September 1st 2017 : Finished new rigid X Axis with quick release head, supported linear rails, and carbon fiber nylon gantry blocks.

June 7th 2017 : Assembled new extruded aluminum frame

February 12th 2017 : Made first successful laser engravings.

December 20th 2016 : Installed laser head for the first time.

December 5th 2016 : Made first successful cuts with CNC spindle running untethered.

November - December 2016 : Added Glcd Display panel 

October 1st & 2nd 2016 : Participated World Maker Faire NYC.

Did first motion testing on all three Axis's with Smothie and configured firmware. Then promptly burned out a large MOS Fett durring a spindel test. 

August 2016 : Original GRBL board replaced with Smoothie board controller.

July 11th 2016 :  First controlled movements of X, Y, and Z Axis at the same time (shortly after this the original GRBL Controller burned out) 

September  27th 2015 : X and Z Axis moved for the first time.

September 26 & 27th 2015 :  Participated in my first World Maker Faire Nyc.  Spent two days working on my machine and chatting with people about it. 

September 20th 2015 : Z & X Axis's attached to base.

September 19th 2015 : Original X Axis ball screw and guide rods test fitted.

September 19th 2015 : Original ABS 3d printed Gantry blocks test fitted.

September 18th 2015 : Original Z Axis up rights assembled. 

July 7 2015 : Submitted application to World Maker Faire NYC 2015 with only rough computer model completed (was so grateful that they excepted me and terrified I wouldn't have anything done by show time)  

May 5th 2015 : First Control System test bed  

March 2015 : Began first designs of the machine