Making Robots that can make Robots

Ninja-Robot was founded in 2015 by Patrick Giambalvo in an attempts to design a CNC mill for home use, to cut pcb's and small aluminum parts for use in electronics and robotics projects.

THE HMC (Hackable Modular CNC)

At this time the HMC is still a personal project in the prototype stage.  I am hoping to begin producing it in small quantities stating January of 2020.  At that time it will only be available as a complete product and only in the United States . That being said the HMC is being built as an open source product, built mainly with off the shelf components. Once the machine is available to the public a full parts list, Part prints and 3d part models will be posted  online for free under an open share non-commercial, non- resale license so any one can build one.